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Now Available for Touring, Dyna and Softails Models


The Perfect Oil Cooling System.

  1. Fan assisted. Draws low amperage with Life Span of over 10,000 Hours
  2. Maintain oil in a perfect range with built in thermal switches.
  3. Easy installation. Simply done within 1-2 hours maximum.
  4. High quality components.
  5. Factory Look! Choice of Chrome, Gloss Black and Flat Black
TEC # Description
49650 Fits 2000-2008 Touring Models  Polished Stainless
49652 Fits 2000-2008 Touring Models  Flat Black
49654 Fits 2000-2008 Touring Models  Gloss Black
49656 Fits 2009-2015 Touring Models  Polished Stainless
49658 Fits 2009-2015 Touring Models  Flat Black
49660 Fits 2009-2015 Touring Models  Gloss Black

*Note: 2009-15 Will NOT fit water cooled heads.

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49670 Fits 1993-2013 Dyna Models  Chrome
49672 Fits 1993-2013 Dyna Models  Flat Black
49674 Fits 1993-2013 Dyna Models  Gloss Black

*Note: May not fit fit with engine guard. Will NOT fit FLD Switchback Models

49676 Fits 2001-2013 Softail  (Non-ABS) Models  Chrome
49678 Fits 2001-2013 Softail  (Non-ABS) Models  Gloss Black

*Note: May cause damage on lowered and or modified suspensions.


Now Available Ultra Cool Oil Coolers

Cold Weather Cover

TEC # Description

Cold Weather Cover 


Now Available Ultra Cool Oil Coolers

Oil Adaptor & Replacement Gasket Kit

Reefer Oil Adapter RF-110

TEC # Description
49700 Ultra Cool Replacement Gasket set (Includes RF-119 & RF-129)
49701 Ultra Cool Oil Adaptor with Fittings and Sensor (RF-110)
49702 Ultra Cool Thermal Switch (RF-138)