NEW Pingel FL Shock Lowering Brackets

This Billet Steel long lasting kit will lower 2002-2008 HD Touring Models 1" leaving adequate room for stock tire to fender clearance and is designed to retain the use of the stock rubber shock boot. Easy to install in approximately 30 minutes with common tools and includes instructions and hardware.

CNC machined Billet Steel with a Black Finish.

TEC # Description
98002 FL Shock Lowering Brackets, Sold in pairs


Pingel Rear Sprocket Spacer
Pingel Enterprise’s Rear Sprocket Spacer allows the installation of tires up to 142mm wide on 2000-2003 H-D FLH models without any other modification to the motorcycle.

This easy to install spacer fits between the rear rim and the rear belt pulley and will allow the use of the Dunlop 142mm wide rear tire, the standard on all of the 2004 and newer FLH Series motorcycles.  There is no extra machining or parts needed to install.


TEC# Description Pingel#
98032 Rear Sprocket Spacer 62051

Shift linkage will operate smoother and with less resistance after this simple installation. This shaft prevents shift linkage drag and lockup on 2001 through 2015 Harley-Davidson FL Touring Models that do not have a grease fitting on the primary case. It can also be used as a direct replacement (OEM#33709-82A & 33709-82) for 1982 to 2000 FL models.

This new and improved shaft will accept any stock or aftermarket shift lever that fits the stock shaft. Manufactured from stainless steel with the exposed end polished so it will match the chrome shift lever.

The shaft can be installed in about 30 minutes using simple hand tools.

Greasable Shifter Shaft FL Touring Models



Greasable Shifter Shaft FL Touring Models
Pingel Custom Round Knob High Flow Fuel Valve

Pingel's Standard High Fuel Valve with a new Custom Look.
TEC# Description Pingel#
98020 Pingel Custom Round Knob High Flow Fuel Valve 6311-CR-K
Pingel Inline Flow Fuel Valve

Allows creativity for the custom bike builder. Valve uses simple on/off operation without reserve.

TEC# Description Pingel#
98018 Pingel Inline Flow Fuel Valve 9040-CR-K
Power-Flow Chrome Petcocks 1976-Present
* Nozzle outlet direction is based upon seat position  
TEC # Description Faces Pingel#
98040 Smooth Round Rear 4311-CR
98041 Smooth Round Forward 1311-CR
98042 Smooth Round In 6311-CR
98045 Hex Design Rear 4311-CH
98046 Hex Design Forward 1311-CH
98047 Hex Design In 6311-CH
98048 Hex Design Down 6391-CH
98058 Hex Design Dual 3311-D-CH
Power-Flo Chrome Petcocks Pre-1975 3/8" NPT
TEC# Description Faces Pingel#
98059 3/8" Hex Design Down 6291-CH
98056 3/8" Hex Design In 6211-CH
98057 3/8" Hex Design Forward 1211-CH
Vacuum Operated Chrome Petcocks by Pingel
These fuel valves have the same safety feature as an OEM. When the valve is left in the “On” position, with the motor off, the fuel flow will be shut off automatically

TEC# Description Faces Pingel#
98024 Hex Design Forward 1311-CHV
98025 Hex Design Rear 4311-CHV
98026 Hex Design Down 6391-CHV
Pingel “The Guzzler” Petcock 3/8NPT
The Guzzler® fuel valve is an outstanding performer designed for use with gasoline, methanol or nitromethane and delivers an impressive 211 ounces of fuel per minute.

TEC#                              Pingel#               

98049     "The Guzzler"        GV16G

Pingel Wheel Chock Kits
Designed with unique T-Bolt Hold down for quick and easy removal. Kits include 8 Bolts, nuts, washers and stainless steel mounting brackets. Chrome finish.

TEC# Description Pingel
73303 Fits up to  3.5" Wide WC350
73304 Fits up to 6.5" Wide WC650
Delphi Fuel Injection to Carburetor Conversion Kit

Pingel offers a conversion for fuel-injected fuel tanks on H-D. Motorcycles. The conversion will work on 2000 and up Softails and 2002 and up FLH's. 

Kit includes the necessary thread-on fittings to convert your fuel-injected tank to a carburetor style tank (no welding necessary).  This will allow you to install a high flow Pingel fuel valve along with a new performance carburetor.

For 2002-2006 FLH and 2002-2006 Softail

TEC# Description Pingel#
98016 Delphi Fuel Injection to Carburetor Conversion Kit 62054
Magneti Marelli Fuel Injection to Carburetor Conversion Kit

Pingel Enterprise offers a Fuel Injection to Carburetor Conversion Fitting Kit which converts 1995–2001 Harley-Davidson FLH models equipped with Magneti Marelli Fuel Injection systems to a carburetor system.

The introduction of larger bore engines has surpassed the stock fuel injections ability to deliver adequate fuel.  This kit replaces the factory tank fittings allowing the use of a high quality/high flow Pingel Fuel Valve to feed the carburetor of your choice. 


TEC# Description Pingel#
98015 Magneti Marelli Fuel Injection to Carburetor Conversion Kit 62052

These male tank bungs are 22mm (stock Harley-Davidson) and designed to be welded directly to the fuel tank. Great for custom gas tanks or repairing of stock tanks.

TEC# Description Pingel#
98010 Tank Bung - Aluminum 22A
98011 Tank Bung - Steel 22S