TEC Distributing offers several manufacturers of High Grade quality tools and accessories.

This Is Just a Sampling..See Jims Section for Complete List of Tools

TEC # Inner Cam Bearing Remover Tool Jims #  

Use this tool to easily remove the inner cam bearing. Works the same as JIMS EVO Cam Tool No.95760-TB. Insert puller collet into the cam bearing I.D. Insert dowel pin, place remover body over collet, lube threads and with hand tools the bearing is pulled from case. This precision tool will also keep all pin bearings from falling into the engine case. Install JIMS new cam bearings with JIMS Tool No.991 and bearing installer No.991-1.

Use on T/C, 88” & 96” 2006 to present Dyna and 2007 FLHT & FXST.


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TEC # Inner Cam Bearing Installer Tool  Jims #


Use this tool to press in the two inner cam bearings, JIMS No. 8991K new cam bearings. This tool has been designed to press from letter side of the inner cam bearings, by putting all the pushing pressure to the very outer wall of bearing shell. Eliminating any damage to the bearings, cam and cases. This tool will stop at the case and set the bearing depth to .023” to .028” below the case surface. A must use for the longest bearing and cam life. Use with JIMS Tool No.993.

Use on T/C, 88” & 96” 2006 to present Dyna and 2007 FLHT & FXST
98694 Press/Plug tool to use with Earlier Cam bearing tool 991-1

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TEC # Cam Locking Tool Jims #  

 This precision tool allows the technician to lock the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets to properly remove, replace, and torque the sprocket bolts. This tool is made from non-marring Delrin.

Use on T/C, 88” & 96” 2006 to present Dyna and 2007 FLHT & FXST.


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Valve Spring Compressor for use on Conical Valve Springs

Jims #  

Add this collar to your JIMS valve spring compressor tool No. 96600-36B to remove and replace valves and conical (Bee Hive) H/D No.18245-02 springs, a must-have tool for safe valve work.

Use on all 2005 to present BT’s, (except SE models).

Use on all 2004 to present XL’s & 2003 to present Buell


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TEC # Cam Assembly Tool Jims #



Use to hold both cams in an upright position while lowering the cam support plate over both guides and cam journal guides. This tool has been manufactured from a non-marring material, that will not damage any of the cams’ surfaces.

Use on T/C, 88” & 96” 2006 to present Dyna and 2007 FLHT & FXST.



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TEC # Inner Primary Cover Bearing and Seal Installer/Remover Tool  Jims #  
  Designed to safely remove and install the inner primary bearing, (H.D. No.9135)without any damage to the new bearing. This is done by pushing on the outer perimeter of the bearing. Also removes and installs inner primary seal, (H.D. No.12052A). This is the bearing and seal that thetransmission mainshaft passes through.


Use on Late 1984-2006 FXST, 1985-2006 FL, 1985-2006 FXR, FXD.


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TEC # Outer Balancer Bearing Installer & Remover Tool Jims #

  This tool removes and installs the outboard balancer bearing on the new 96" & 110" "B" Softail engines chain guide support plate.   


Use on all Softails 2007 to present.


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TEC # Starter Jackshaft Seal Installer Tool  Jims #  
  This tool is designed to easily align and install the starter jackshaft seal (H.D. No.12066) without distorting or damaging the seal. This seal is located in the upper part of the inner primary of Big Twins.

Use on Twin Cam 1999-2006 FL, 2000-2006 FXST & 1999-2005 FXD. Use on Big Twin EVO 1994-2000.

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TEC # Bearing and Race Puller Tool  Jims #  

This tool has been designed to remove the flywheel sprocket shaft inner

bearing race with the supplied JIMS T-bar and hardware.


•  Use on Twin Cams 2003 to present.

•  Use to remove Timken bearing (H.D. No.9028) or No.9029 on Big Twins,

1955 Panhead to present Twin Cam, including JIMS 120” engines.

•  Use to remove the flywheel sprocket shaft inner bearing race or the

Timken bearing. Also removes pinion shaft inner bearing race on

Sportster 1954 to present, including all Buell’s to present.

•  Use to correctly remove press fit transmission gears and

bearings from input and output shafts on all V-ROD  02 to present.

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TEC # Starter Ring Gear Rivet Fixture Tool  Jims #  
  This tool is designed to remove the starter ring gear rivets from Big Twin clutch shells to install JIMS No.639 & 640 or equivalent performance starter ring gears.

Use on 1990-2006 FL, FXST & 1990-2005 FXR, & FXD.

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TEC # 25mm Wheel Bearing Puller Tool Jims #  
  This tool is used to remove the new front 25mm H.D. wheel bearings on most of the 2007.to present Softail models. Note: This tool must be used with the current JIMSwheel bearing installer/remover tool No.1042.

Use on 2007 to present front wheels of  FXST, FLSTC, FXSTB, FXSTD, FLSTN, & FXSTC models.


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TEC # 49mm Fork Seal and Dust Shield Installer Tool  Jims #  
  This tool is designed to install the lower leg 49mm fork seal squarely into the bore without damaging the seal lip surface. Also used to install the dust shield cover. It is a two-piece design to aid in some assembly applications.

Use on all FXD'S, 2006 to present and all V-ROD'S 2002 to present (except inverted fork models).

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TEC # Twin Cam Timken® Case Bearing Conversion Tool  Jims #  
  This tool is a must for the big cubic inch late model Twin Cam engine builder. It may also be used to replace bearing for stock 88" or 96" engines. Utilizing the special JIMS precision insert, it is designed to easily and accurately convert the left side crankshaft roller bearing (H.D. No.24604-00D)to the more durable Timken Bearing (H.D. No.9028).

The Tool Includes: • A new steel bearing insert held to under .0002” TIR (total indicator reading). • A press plate that will hold the bearing insert in line with the case bearing bore at the time it is being pressed into case. • All the necessary drill bits to drill oil feed and return holes, hardware, and detailed instructions.

This job can be performed with normal hand tools, a hand drill, and a 2 ton press.

Use on Twin Cam engines 2003 to present.


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96743 Zipper's® TC Cam Relief Tool turns a chore into a quick, precise operation every time. For years, technicians have relied on Zipper's special engine tools. Now, the Twin Cam engine builder who is installing any cam grind other than stock can do a smooth, professional job of machining two relief channels into the case with Zipper's excellent cutting system.

Like Zipper's Big Twin cutter, the TC Relief Tool bolts to the case and uses the cam bearings to support the cutter spindle. The TC Tool features for cutter diameter and thread depth feed for precise control of metal removal. Designed to be used on an assembled case, using a 1/2" variable speed drill for power, the TC cutter can also be used on a milling machine for unassembled cases. This cutter will perform a clean professional job every time, engine after engine.

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1970-’99 Big Twin

  This tool was made to make quick work of case machining when installing a high lift cam in a Big Twin. Bolts to the case, uses inner cam bearing to support cutter spindle, has adj. cutter dia. & threaded depth feed for precise control of cut. Can be used on an assembled engine & does a much cleaner, professional job than a die grinder. Power w/ 1/2" drill, or use on an unassembled case in a milling machine. Makes a job everyone hates a lot easier and cleaner.  
96740 Zippers® cam relief tool, ’70-’99 Big Twin  
96741 Replacement cutter bit   Click image to enlarge