Use any Khrome Werks or Any other Bagger Muffler Set!
Update your early Twin Cam bike and enjoy the late model look. This cleaner looking system reduces heat transmission to the rider and passenger by routing the exhaust under the frame instead of under the seat. Upgrade your 2009 model for a lighter system that offers more flow and makes more top end power than the factory system. Both systems feature 1¾” 16 gauge mandrel bent, interconnected headers and 220º full coverage heat shields. Front pipe crosses over to the left side and is securely mounted to the transmission oil pan. Crossover pipe is formed obround from  1 7/8” tubing for increased ground clearance and no cross sectional area loss. 99-08 system crossover is slightly lower than frame cross brace with the OEM kickstand as the lowest point. Systems features a hidden inter-connect for maximum top end horsepower, improved low end torque and sound damping. An independent dual pipe version was tested with less favorable results. Two 18mm O2 sensor ports and plugs and all mounting hardware included. Mufflers not included. Use any Khrome Werks or other bagger muffler set. Made in USA

TEC # Description
49974 Black Dual Header System 2009 to Present


for 1995-up HARLEY DAVIDSON® FLHT, FLHR, FLTR and FLHX models

Khrome Werks 4.00” HP-Plus® Touring and Performance mufflers for the Harley touring bikes. Deep, mellow exhaust tone

Gain Horsepower and Torque over stock mufflers with an Interchangeable baffle insert for Performance or Touring Mode.

The performance version is designed to enhance top end power while retaining good low end torque. The touring version trades minimal top end output for mile after mile of an enjoyable, rumbling exhaust note.

TEC # Description KW#

4.00” HP-Plus® "Touring" Chrome

50012 4.00” HP-Plus® "Performance" Chrome 202705
50014 4.00” HP-Plus® "Performance" Jet Black 202780
50020 4.00” HP-Plus® "Touring" Baffle Only (Pair) 202470P
50022 4.00” HP-Plus® "Performance" Baffle Only (Pair) 202708P
Use factory mounting hardware and clamps. Sold in pairs.

Made in USA.


Khrome Werks


"Slash Down-Lites"

(Louder than Regular HP Plus Muffler)

TEC # Description KW #
49978 New, Louder high performance  3.5” Touring Muffler (Louder than Regular HP Plus Muffler) 

This Line of mufflers has been completely redesigned, retaining the great performance and quality sound.

The new features are: 16 ga. one-piece shell, upgraded "Lite" baffle design


Khrome Werks


H-D TOURING 1995-2013

New, high performance 3.50 inch diameter, slip-on, touring absorptive mufflers.  Increased horsepower and torque with our distinctive deep, throaty, although quieter, sound.

Overall decibel level is reduced while still retaining the high quality, deep sound. Utilizes factory mounting hardware and clamps. Sold in pairs.


3.5" HP-Plus Mufflers

TEC # Description KW #
49980 3.50” HP-PLUS® MUFFLERS


49981 3.50” HP-PLUS® MUFFLERS


49982 3.50” HP-PLUS® MUFFLERS



Khrome Werks


"Slash Cut Taper-Lites"


TEC # Description KW #
49990 New, high performance  3” Touring Lite line of mufflers has been completely redesigned, retaining the great performance and quality sound. The new features are: 16 ga. one-piece shells, upgraded baffle design, bolt and nut baffle installation, and upgraded acoustical wrap materials.   202252

Khrome Werks

for 2008 H-D DYNA® FXDF FAT BOB™

TEC # Description KW #
49985 High performance slash cut 3 inch slip-on mufflers for the 2008 Fat Bob model.

HP-Plus® fprovides significant gains in horsepower and torque and exhibits a distinctive, deep throaty sound.

Utilizes factory mounting clamps and hardware. Sold in pairs. Made in USA

12"  Bobber Bagger Ape Handlebars

Khrome Werks® 1.25 X 12 inch Chrome Ape Hanger Handlebar with ETC for 2008-2015 Harley-Davidson models with risers on 3.50 inch centers with Bat Wing fairings

May be used on 1996-2007 models without ETC. See TEC PN 49993 for ETC Grip Extension

TEC #  Description KW #
49869 12 inch Black Ape Hanger 300871
1.25 FLHR/ FLT/ Softail/ Dyna Handlebars

Click picture to enlarge


Khrome Werks® 1.25 Bl;ack  Ape Hanger Handlebar with ETC for 2008-2015 Harley-Davidson models with risers on 3.50 inch centers (except models with Bat Wing fairings)

May be used on 1996-2007 models without ETC.

TEC #  Description KW #
49931 10 inch Black Heritage Style Bar 300840
49966 10 inch Black  "Bobber" Ape Hanger 300875
49967 12 inch Black  "Bobber" Ape Hanger 300876
49879 12 inch Black  Original Ape Hanger 300832
49885 14 inch Black  Original Ape Hanger 300834
49880 16 inch Black Original Ape Hanger 300833

Ancra Black Gradual Release Big Bike Ratcheting Tie Down and Soft  Hooks Features Ancra's gradual release system built into the ratchet that enables the user to back the ratchet off one click at a time, eliminating the exploding ratchet that pops open forcefully under load

Great for leveling the bike on a trailer or reducing the compression on the front shocks without having to release all of the webbing and re-tighten

Top of the line 1.5 inch wide tie down has a working load capacity of 600 pounds per strap and measures 66 inches in overall length with a sewn hand loop

Made with 4500 pound rated aircraft quality nylon webbing engineered to withstand weather and abrasion, this is Ancra's strongest, most secure ratcheting tie down, perfect for transporting heavy cruisers

Uses Ancra's patented 1800 pound rated heavy duty cam buckle with pressure plate for a non-slip lock with two 1200 pounds rated vinyl-coated S hooks per strap, Sold in pair

TEC # Description Color
73305 Ancra Big Bike Ratcheting Tie Down Black
73314 18" Soft hook Extention Black
73315 12" Soft hook Extention Black

5-Watt Solar Panel With Built-in Controller


10-Watt Solar Charger With Built-in Controller


15-Watt Solar Charger With Built-in Controller



Solar Panel with built-in Battery Tender®3-step automatic microprocessor controller. 100% portable battery charging and maintenance. Perfect for storage space without power access!

TEC # Description
34175 5-Watt Solar Panel With Built in Controller
34176 10-Watt Solar Panel With Built in Controller
34177 15-Watt Solar Panel With Built in Controller


Fully automatic two-stage lead-acid battery charger. Battery Tender Junior's lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for those hard-to-fit spots. Spark proof. Reverse polarity protected.              
TEC #  Description
34146 6V@750mA

WATERPROOF 800  12V@800mA

This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its cousin the Battery Tender Junior. Perfect for all outdoor types of ATV's, watercraft, motorcycles, boats, or anywhere water is a threat.          
TEC #  Description
34149 12V@800mA    3 year warranty


  Unique design allows this unit to charge at 12V@5.0A or 12V@2.5A  Lightweight (LESS THAN 4LBS), compact charger designed for either portable operation or permanent mounting.
TEC #  Description
34164 12V@5.0A or 12V@2.5A


  Waterproof! Charges and maintains both flooded and sealed, maintenance free, AGM, lead acid batteries. Float / Maintenance function maintains batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickled chargers.
TEC #  Description
34165 12V@5.0A

2 Bank Charger

  The 2 Bank Battery Tender Charging Station is two encased 1.25 amp battery chargers designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.
TEC #  Description
34169 2 x 12V@1.25A  2 year warranty

4 Bank Charger

  The 4 Bank Battery Tender Charging Station is four encased 1.25 amp battery chargers designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.
TEC #  Description
34170 4 x 12V@1.25A  2 year warranty

5 Bank Shop Charger 5@ 12V@2A

It's the first fully automatic, constant-current battery charger designed to charge and/ or maintain up to 5 12-volt batteries simultaneously @ 2 amps. Six foot lead with clamps included.
TEC #  Description
34172 5 x 12V@2A  3 year warranty
Performance Coil by Crane
Performance Coil for 1999 and Up Twin-Cam 88® Carbureted Engines.

Increased secondary current to the plugs for easier starting and better acceleration!

TEC #  Description Crane
83342 1999 and Up Twin-Cam 88® Carbureted Engines. 8-3010
SuperTrapp 2:1 Super Meg w/Discs & Kerker 2:1 Super Meg
TEC Description   Trapp #/ Kerker #
50605 SuperTrapp 2:1

H-D V-Rod Chrome


2 into 1 System 528-71130
50524 SuperTrapp 2:1

H-D Sportster Chrome

2 into 1 System 828-71200
50523 SuperTrapp 2:1

 H-D Sportster 


2 into 1 System 827-71200
50519 Kerker 

2:1 H-D Sportster Chrome

2 into 1 System 128-71200
Delkron 1990 and later Softail Style transmission case


1990 and later Softail

Style transmission case

TEC #  Description Delkron

These upgraded cases come with the Trap Door which includes ball bearings, main bearing, main seal, as well as snap rings, hardware, etc. The Countershaft bearing is also installed in the trap door along with the shifter bushing. Installed with Races, Studs & Speedo hole.


K&N Brings More Power to Select 1999-2016 Harley Twin Cams with Street Metal Air Intake

These open element style air intakes greatly reduces air restriction.

 Kit includes a custom backing plate, billet air filter cover and mounting hardware

K&N's new RK-3932 Flare Street Metal Intake.
TEC # Description
73425 K&N's Street MetalTM  "Tear Drop" Intake.
K&N Engineering, Inc. Manufacturer of the World's Best Filters
TEC #  Description Delkron
73542 Round Mirror Smooth Chrome RK-3912
73541 Tear Drop Grooved  Chrome RK-3901
73543 Round Grooved Chrome RK-3902

Promotes complete combustion via chemical reaction which improves performance, octane levels and mileage.

Reduces engine deposits, fuel oxidation, varnish, gum and bacterial growth in fuels.

For use in 6 gallon tank applications.

The Spirit PFC Fuel Purifier PowerStick drop-in is a patented fuel treatment and stabilizer product ideal for any gasoline or diesel fuel application. These are placed into your fuel tank and will treat the fuel for up to 3-years. You can also use the Spirit PowerStick in your storage tanks and cans, to greatly reduce instability problems and increase your fuel's life span. After the drop-in has absorbed metallic impurities for three years, you simply remove and discard the use one and replace with a new PowerStick to continue protecting and improving your fuels performance.

TEC # Description
31225 Spirit Power Stick

80 Spoke

• Chrome plated steel rims. • Chrome plated or polished stainless steel spokes & nipples.
• Chrome plated billet aluminum chrome plated hubs.
• All internal bearings, races, seals and spacers are installed and all bearing end-play is set at factory.
• Wheels are designed to replace stock sizes in most late model (’84 and up) Harley-Davidson® motorcycle applications using existing hardware.

TEC # Model Fits Size
50217 1984-99


Dual Disc

Front 16 x 3.5
50229 1984-99 FX & 1991-99 XL Dual Disc Front 19 x 2.5
50231 1980-83 FXWG  Dual Disc Front 21 x 2.15
50233 1988-99 FXSTS Single &  Dual Disc Front 21 x 2.15


Description Fits

Emgo Maltese Cross Taillight

Chrome Die Cast Steel  

Measures 4" x 4"

   Red Lens, Clear Lexan bottom



EVO Big Twin


These emissions legal heads are a direct replacement with stock heads for true, bolt-on performance in 80-inch bikes for great low-end torque. They provide a substantial power increase while working within the existing rpm range of the stock engine (idle to 5500 rpm) with stock pistons and valvetrain. The intake ports are raised .125" for improved flow and velocity. Important Note: Performer heads are designed for flat top pistons only. Valve spring specs: maximum valve lift .580", 1.460" OD with dampener, installed seat pressure 165 lbs., installed height 1.730".

TEC # Description Fits Edelbrock #
69802  Edelbrock Head Rear Only ‘84+ Evo 1621
69806 Edelbrock Head Front Only ‘92+ Evo 1610


EVO Big Twin


The ultimate heads for idle to 6000+ rpm power in 80-inch and larger engines...Performer RPM CNC-ported heads provide superior flow for maximum power. Performer RPM Evo Big Twin heads #1604, #1624 and #16041 have an 88cc combustion chamber that's great for stroker kits or engines with a turbo or supercharger. We recommend Edelbrock/JE pistons for 80-inch Evo engines with Performer RPM heads, other engine sizes require modified stock or other aftermarket pistons

TEC # Description Fits Edelbrock #
69811  Edelbrock RPM Head Front Only ‘84+ Evo 1612

Edelbrock cylinder heads come with the finest component parts, so be sure to use only original Edelbrock replacement parts for repairs or upgrades. Choose from our selection of stainless steel valves; cast iron valve guides, etc
TEC # Description Edelbrock #
69844 Edelbrock Valve Stem seals (4) 1649
69845 Edelbrock  Intake Guide Std 1648
69855 Edelbrock Exhaust Guide Std 1647


Edelbrock aluminum intake manifolds must be used with Edelbrock cylinder heads. They have the same rectangular intake port as our heads for maximum performance. All Edelbrock manifolds come with gaskets, bolts, grommets and vacuum fittings (if needed) and are 50-state legal with Edelbrock Performer heads. Performer 3-piece manifolds have walls that are 1/4" thick at all points to allow for modifications, if desired. They are highly recommended for use with Performer RPM heads because of the various combos used. Available in eight width configurations for various cylinder head/barrel length combinations.

TEC # Fits Description Edelbrock #
69830 Spigot Style Fits CV & 40/42mm Mikuni Carb 1-Piece Stock width 1660
69832 Cv Style Spigot Wide width (+.075) 1662
69834 Cv Style Spigot Short width (-.50) 1664
69833 Flange type Wide width (+.075) 1663
69835 Flange type Short width (-.50) 1665
69827 Edelbrock Gaskets Manifold to Heads (1pr) 1642

Horsepower Inc. 48mm, 51mm, 53mm and 56mm "Big Bore Throttle Bodies" show an increase in airflow compared to the stock system. It is recommended to match the size (flow) of components to maximize horsepower and torque gains. Flow numbers are important when choosing the size of throttle body. It is important to know the flow numbers of the throttle body you will be installing on your bike.

Horsepower Inc throttle bodies come with a matched Intake manifold and both are supplied with a satin finish.

TEC # Description / Fits 2001-2005
29400 Throttle Body 48mm x 1.660
29401 Throttle Body 48mm x 1.710
29410 Throttle Body 51mm x 1.660
This billet aluminum air cleaner can be used to enhance the performance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, while allowing for a super clean look with a hidden breather system. The Eliminator will bolt to Evo, Twin cam, carb'd, or EFI bikes. Different filter sizes are available to suit your performance needs and tastes.
TEC # Description / Fits
29475 Horsepower Inc. Eliminator High Flow Air System
High Performance Air Cleaner System provides dramatic out of the box performance gains of up to 15%. Precision machined 1 Piece billet backing plate eliminates flimsy brackets. Uses aftermarket or stock style round or oval (TC88) air cleaner covers.
PowerPACC Air Cleaner Kit
TEC # Description / Fits 2001-2005
33419 Fits '99 to '01  Magnetti Marrelli Fuel Injected
33420 Fits '91-06 Sportster CV Carb
PowerVent Twin Kit Bolts directly to cylinder head breather outlets. PowerVents are designed around a fast sealing one-way valve that prevents air from being sucked back into the crankcase on the upstroke of the piston.

Increases H.P., improves throttle response.

PowerVent Twin Kit

TEC # Description / Fits
33403 Fits '91-06 Sportster CV Carb
Replaces all Twin Cam 88/95 and Evolution Big Twin covers when using most aftermarket backing plate kits.

Works great with Doherty Machine's® PowerPacc™ Air Cleaner Kit.

Air Cleaner Covers

TEC # Description / Fits
33451 Grooved Only Available
 S&S Billet Choke Knob
TEC # Description
33446 S&S Billet Choke Knob

Fits S&S Super E and G Carbs, CNC machined billet aluminum w/ a polished finish. Replaces the stock enrichener lever.  Just pull up and twist to engage choke, provides simple operation of choke, and clean custom appearance.

    Stainless Steel Breather Bolt Kits
Breather Bolts - Hex Head 33436 Kits include two high grade polished stainless steel breather bolts, and four nylon washers

Twin Cam 5/16  Hex Bolts

33438  Twin Cam 5/16  Buttonhead


Total Fuel Systems Electronic Fuel Injection Interface Module

A simple electronic "Black Box" allows you to tune your E.F.I System with 3 simple adjustments like a carburetor.

TEC # Description Fits
73111 Fits All High Performance Harley Davidson Evolution & Twin Cam 95" engines and Higher up to 2005 (With Plug)
73101 Fits All High Performance Harley Davidson Evolution & Twin Cam 95" engines and Higher up to 2005 (No Plug)
73114 Fits All V-Rods 2002-2005 (With Plug)
73104 Fits All V-Rods 2002-2005 (No Plug)
73106 Fits All Victory Models

Battery Tender® dual output, 12 volt 800 mA battery charger.

This charger has 2 separate 12 volt outputs with 800 milliamps of pure constant current charging power.

Includes alligator clips and (2) 16 foot leads.

3 Year Warranty  

TEC # Description / Fits
34168 2 x 12V@800mA    3 year warranty
Compensator Sprocket with Harmonic Vibration Dampener

by Fisher

TEC # Description / Fits
73601 1991 up Softail and Rubber Mounted Evo's
73602 1991-2003 Sportsters
73603 1977-1990 Sportsters
Wizards Products
01210 Bike Foam Wash Complete Bike Cleaner.

Safely Foams Away Road Grime, Oil, Grease, Brake Dust and More

Washes/Cleans Paints, Plastics, Rubber and Chrome, Degreases Engines and Wheels Without Spotting, Biodegradable, pH controlled, no caustic soda, acids or bleach.  22oz

01207 Crystal Clear™ Plastic Cleaner & Polish, Restores windshield clarity, Removes hairline scratches & hazing.

Safe for clear plastics, plexiglas & Lexan, No harsh abrasives or hydrocarbon solvents. 8oz.

01206 Bug Release™

 All Surface Bug Remover, Quickly removes bugs & residue, Use as a presoak or spot cleaner.

Safe for all motorcycle surfaces; paint, chrome, plastics, fiberglass & Lexan. 22oz

01208 Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser. Dissolves oil, road grime and brake dust. Non acid, safe for tires and highly polished wheels. 22oz

01209 Wipe Down Inspection Detailer™ Safe for All Paint Systems. Removes Oily Residue after Buffing. Contains No Wax, Solvents or Silicone.

Adds No Gloss or Protection

01211 Super Concentrate Wash™ Gentle, Thick, Rich, Long Lasting Foam.
Cleans all Types of Exterior Vehicle Surfaces.
Streak-Free Rinsing assures Quick Drying and Maximum Shine without Stripping Shine.

01216 Shine Master™ Paint & Polish breathable sealant Safe for fresh paints, clear coat & lexan. Use as wax replacement and as finishing glaze. Easy on, easy off. Protects without washing away. 16oz.

01217 Metal Renew™ Liquid Polish for All Metals. Brightens & renews chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. 8oz.

01219 Metal Polish™ Treated cotton cloth in the band aid tin brightens & protects all metals. Removes tarnish, tar, oxidation, corrosion, etc. Safe for coated wheels. 3.3oz

01220 Multi Fiber™ Detail towel is non-linting, non-smearing, non-scratching and can be washed hundreds of times. Highly recommended by everyday riders. You’re really going to like these! 16” x 24”

01221 Power Seal™ Provides acrylic shield to stop air & moisture while protecting against rust and corrosion. 8oz.

01222 Black Renew™ Cleans and renews faded trim. Instantly removes embedded wax and compound. 22oz.

01223  Leather Plus™  Contains moisturizers & lanolin oils to preserve & protect. Use on leather, naugahyde and vinyl surfaces. 8oz.

01224 Clay Mate™  “The Contamination Eraser” in the band aid tin makes paint smooth for easier polishing. Removes overspray, tar, tree sap, etc. Prepares paint for easier polishing.


 Finish Cut™ 4oz

One step compound buffing levels 1200 grit or finer sand scratches & paint overspray. Brightens dull finishes. Easy clean up. Available as 4oz.


Finish Cut™ 32oz

One step compound buffing levels 1200 grit or finer sand scratches & paint overspray. Brightens dull finishes. Easy clean up. Available as 32oz.

 Turbo Cut™ 4oz

 Removes 1000 grit or finer sand scratches. Fast cut on dead paint, gelcoat or fiberglass. 4oz


Turbo Cut™ 32oz

 Removes 1000 grit or finer sand scratches. Fast cut on dead paint, gelcoat or fiberglass. Available as 32oz.
Metal Buffs For Wizards Products
01231  3” Mushroom Buff For Soft, finishing polish.
01232 2” Tapered Buff For General use cutting, use in tight and uneven areas.
01233 1.5” Barrel Buff For General use cutting, oxidation and scratch removal.
01234 3/4” Point Buff For Cutting and oxidation removal in small areas and very tight corners.
Metal Buff Kit For Wizards Products
01230 Metal Buff Kit Contains one each of the 4 above metal buffs.
Lowering Kits by White Bros
86601 41mm Kit for '49-77 Big Twin Lowering Kit Lowering Kits by

White Bros

86604 35mm Kit for FXE / FXR Lowering Kit
86606 "Lowboy" Kit fits '84-88 Softails Lowering Kit
86609 "Adjust a Ride" Kit fits '84-88 Softails Lowering Kit
86612 Fits: Progressive Shocks Lowering Kit
86617 Fits: '87 Up FXR Rear Lowering Kit
86627 Side Stand for Lowered Bike Lowering Kit


ROWE Valves and Guides
TEC # Twin Cam Valves 2005 Up Rowe#
87176 Intake 2005 Twin Cam 7mm Valve Std 70613
TEC # Evolution '84-99 Replaces
87121 Exhaust Standard 18082-83
TEC # Shovelhead 74" & 80" Replaces
87130 Intake ‘66+  Standard  (1.75) 18074-66
87131 Exhaust ‘48+  Standard 18082-57
87133 Intake ‘66+ Std. Hard Chrome 18074-66
TEC # Panhead Replaces
87131 Exhaust ‘48+  Standard 18082-57
TEC # Knucklehead Replaces
87145 Intake ‘36-47  Standard 18071-36
87146 Exhaust ‘36-47   Standard 18080-32
TEC # Sportster Replaces
87137 Intake ‘58-84 Rowe Pro  2" Intake   
87139 Exhaust ‘58-84 Rowe Pro 1.625 Exhaust  
87142 Exhaust ‘58-84 Rowe Pro 1.687 Exhaust  
87143 Exhaust ‘58-84 Rowe Pro 1.750 Exhaust  
87126 Intake 883  ‘86+ Standard 18031-86
87127 Exhaust 883  ‘86+ Standard 18030-86
87165 Intake 1100  ‘86-only  Std  18023-86
87125 Exhaust 2004 up Sportster 883 7mm Stem Black  
87172 Intake '02 up Sportster 1200 7mm Stem Black  
87173 Exhaust '02 up Sportster 1200 7mm Stem Black  
TEC # V-Rod Rowe #
87152 Intake '01 up V-ROD 6mm Stem Black 71613
87153 Exhaust '01 up V-ROD 6mm Stem Black 71713
Twin Cam 05 up and XL '04 up 7mm Cast Iron Guides Intake/Exhaust Combo
TEC # Size
87450 Std
87451 +001
Evolution Cast Iron Guides 1984-98
Intake Size Exhaust
87553 +003 87573
87554 +004 87574
87555 +005 87575
87556 +006 n/a
87558 +012 87578
80" Shovelhead Cast Iron Guides
Intake Size Exhaust
87780 Std 87790
87781 +001 87791
87782 +002 87792
87783 +003 87793
87784 +004 87794
87785 +005 87795
87786 +006 87796
87788 +008 87798
74" Pan/Shovelhead Cast Iron Guides
Intake Size Exhaust
87460 Std 87480
87466 +006 87486
87468 +008 87488
87470 +010 87490
87472 +012 87492
Knucklehead Cast Iron Guides
Intake Size Exhaust
87503 +003 87513
87504 +004 87514
87506 +006 87516
Sportster Cast Iron Guides
87654 +004 87664
Flathead 74"/80"  1930-1948  Cast Iron Guides Intake/Exhaust Combo
  Std +001 +002 +006 +010
TEC # 87540 87541 87542 87546 87547
Flathead 45"  1932 up Cast Iron Guides Intake/Exhaust Combo
  +004 +006 +010
TEC # 87534 87536 87537
Rowe "AMPCO 45" 80" Evolution Guides 1984-98 Intake/Exhaust Combo
TEC # Size
87800 Std
87802 +002
Rowe "AMPCO 45" 80" Shovelhead Guides 1979-83
Intake Size Exhaust
87750 Std 87770
87752 +002 87772
87753 +003 87773
87754 +004 87774
87755 +005 87775
87756 +006 87776
n/a +008 87778
Rowe "AMPCO 45" 74"Pan/Shovelhead Guides
Intake Size Exhaust
87702 +002 87722
87704 +004 N/A
87705 +005 87725
87706 +006 87726
87708 +008 87728
87710 +010 87730
87712 +012 87726
AMPCO Sportster  '58-82
Rowe "AMPCO 45" Ironhead Sportster Guides 1958-82
Intake Size Exhaust
87601 +001  87611
87602 +002 87612
87603 +003 87613
Rowe "AMPCO 45" Sportster Guides 1983-86 Shoulderless
Intake Size Exhaust
N/A Std 87630
87621 +001 87631
87622 +002 87632
87623 +003 87633