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Bike Brite products are American-made.

Nobody has time for products that don’t work. You can pay more, but you won’t get more quality than Bike Brite in price and performance.

That’s a promise!



Moto-Shine® gives you a “Show Bike Shine in Half the Time.” Formulated with our exclusive Pink formula, Moto-Shine® brings an instant brilliant shine to your motorcycle. Moto-Shine® lightly cleans, removes harmful contaminants and saves cleaning time, so you can have more riding time.

 For all paint finishes, For all chrome finishes, Just spray and wipe. Moto-Shine® protects your motorcycle against acid rain, oxidation and pollutants


TEC # Description
50298 Moto Shine Spray 32oz

Motorcycle Spray Wash®

 Just spray it on and hose it off.

Bike Brite's fantastic triple action formula washes, cleans and degreases from headlight to taillight! Specially formulated for motorcycles and motorbikes, Bike Brite has been recommended and approved by leading motorcycle manufacturers. Biodegradable, non-acid, pH controlled and containing corrosion inhibitors. Special brighteners help keep rust and grease from forming.



TEC # Description
50285 Bike Brite Bike Wash Spray 32oz ea
50286 Bike Brite Bike Wash Spray 32oz

6-Pack Dealer Display.

50290 Bike Brite Bike Wash 1 Gallon

Moto Black®
Moto Black® cleans, shines and protects black wrinkled and powder coated engine parts. Great for black engine fins, inter-primaries, break calipers, wheel rims and frames. Moto Black® brings back that black factory look to your powder coated parts and accessories.


TEC # Description
50295 Moto Black Engine Cleaner

Bike Wipes®
Protects your gas tank from spills and removes dirt and bugs from your windshield, face shield, mirrors and glasses. Bike Wipes® are 5" x 6" packaged in a convenient "travel pack" to go along for the ride. They are safe to use on metals, plastics, fiberglass and chrome.


TEC # Description
50288 24 5" x 6" Bike Wipes

Moto Kit®
The ultimate detailing kit for your motorcycle. Contains 6 of your favorite Bike Brite Products. Great for holiday gifts and special occasions.


  • Spray Wash
  • Plexi-Brite®
  • Moto Glaze®
  • Moto Black®
  • Bike Dry™ Chamois
  • Bike Dry™ Jumbo Polishing Towels


TEC # Description
50300 Moto Kit

Moto Glaze®
Moto Glaze® is the ultimate protectant against ultra-violet sun rays, humidity, boiling hot sun, freezing, salt and grime. Moto Glaze® cannot be impregnated. Guards against acid rain. Moto Glaze® is heat resistant and protects your glazed surfaces that are in close proximity of hot engine parts. Oxidation, exhaust and road film easily removed. Can be used on all clear coats and on chrome. 12oz



TEC # Description
50287 Moto Glaze

Plexi Brite®
Cleaner and polisher for windshields. Cleans and polishes all plastics. Removes bugs from all plastic parts. Just spray and wipe. 14oz

TEC # Description
50289 Plexi Brite